How to choose and take care of your lingerie properly

Useful TIP to

choose and take care of your lingerie properly

1. Choose what suits you and NOT what you like

Do not judge if you like something, if it is fashionable or if it is sexy. Experiment with different styles. The bra must fit snugly. This way it highlights your breasts better, they fit the clothes correctly but most importantly, it protects your breasts from any relaxation in the long run.

2. Wear nice underwear

By beautiful I do not necessarily mean lace. It may be a simple white cotton underwear, but believe me, even in this, quality and the right fit play a role. Because it can simply have a positive effect on your psychology.



3. Do not keep them for long

It would be good to renew them depending on the use. What you wear more, you need to renew more often. What you wear on special occasions should be kept in good condition for a long time.

4. Take care of them properly

Proper care is just as important as quality and application. Wash them by hand, place them properly in your drawers and take care of them, to keep them like new. If some can be washed in the washing machine, choose a light program without spinning and place them in the special protective cases. One of the most common mistakes is to place them incorrectly in your drawers, as a result of which they spoil their shape. Do not throw them all together in confusion, because when you look for them and pull them, their fabric overflows or they can even be caught in the corner of the drawer and torn.